Symbol: A Swarm of Weapons On A Field Of Fire
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Barbarians, Chaos, Destruction, Rage, Conflict
Domains: Destruction, Strength, War
Weapon: Battle's Rage (Double Axe)


It is Nature's law that only strong shall survive. But humans have never obeyed Nature's rules, they protect their weakest ones by building great walls, great communities, towns and kingdoms. Through law and order those who would be too weak to survive can live on and make their race weaker through every generation. Law and Order are the enemies. Only in Chaos will the strong ones triumph over the weaker ones. When the elves were building up their first communities, setting up their first rules and rising from anarchy and above the wild animals and lesser creatures, that was when Chaosmous was born.

The GodEdit

Chaosmous is the force in the realm that breaks up alliances and causes conflicts to stir, but it doesn't yern for war and suffering. Its sole purpose is to banish law and artificial order, and to turn all the races back into their animalistic state, where the only purpose of life is the survival of the fittest. Kingdoms and cities aren't Gods' creations, they grumble and new ones eventually rise, and always will there be the unpredictable force of fury to cause trouble, the force that not even other gods, not even Vadriphose, can control or direct.

Church and ClergyEdit

Chaosmous is not an evil god, its goals aren't really to cause suffering and pain, but conflict is the best way to banish order out of communities. Chaosmous does not recognise any names, the name for it has been invented by men.

Chaosmous doesn't have a church, nor communities that really serve solely it, because church would mean order which is what Chaosmous is against. Chaosmous only contacts the strongest of warriors and adventurers, who serve none but themselves. This is why there cannot really be a "cleric of Chaosmous", though few barbaric shamans have enough contact with the force of Chaos to draw strength from it. Only few barbaric tribes serve the force of chaos, amongst other gods.