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Race: Human Class: Cleric/Weapon Master
Age: 20 Level: Barbarian 3 / Cleric 12 / Weapon Master 1
Height: 165cm Deity: Yazard
Weight: 60kg Titles: Masseur
Build: Athletic Marital Status: Single (Virgin)
Skin Tone: Light brown Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Black with red stripes Hair Length: Shortish
Standard Attire: Fullplate / Various dresses/outfits Favored Weapons: Halberd
Facial Features: Multiple piercings Distinguishing Features: Eyepatch


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Common knowledge about Kira:

She constantly complains about her short lifespan of human. She dreams about things that would make her immortal, like godhood. She is also possessed by will to become weapon master, she constantly tries to find new teachers and tactics to perfect her combat prowess. She is professional masseur.


Kira appears usually being happy and payfull, even childish. Occationally she seems to be depressed and bored.


Kira was born in Silverdune. Her mother is waitress at local tavern. Kira never saw his father as he only spended one night with her mother. At age of 6 her puppy ate her doll and she went mad and killed the puppy, she begged for new, but her mother refused and grounded her for couple of years. At age 12 kira lost her eye as punisment for spying on goblin. Kira managed to strangle him to death before she went uncouncious by the pain. She was found and healed by Priestess of Yazard who told her that She must work for her, as she killed the goblin who was her lackey. Kira was told that she will be contacted when time comes. She spended couple of years hiding from her mother and eventually headed to Cadbridge where she worked as masseur two years. At age of 18 she arrived Treegum. Now she is part-time masseur at lakeside tavern.


  • Killed puppy at age of 6
  • Killed goblin at age of 12


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