One of the Six original races of Mel'heron.


The Grenns are well built for harsh living, the Grenns are the ultimate survivor. It is postulated that they are related to orcs, but the Grenns sternly argue the basis for that statement, but it is hard to dispute that half-orcs can at times pass for one of their kind.

They have slight fangs, tiny horns protruding from their brow and a thin layer of fur.
While they do have an orc build their facial features are very humanlike.
They are relatively intelligent and have a high sense of honour.

Normally quiet and reserved around people they do not know, they can come across as somewhat blunt- they take no drivel from anyone yet they try to refrain from stirring trouble. Whereas around friends they are said to be loud and jolly- and in their company they are fearless in battle.

Brief HistoryEdit

A majority of the Grenns are nomads, excellent horseback riders and hunters having mastered the art of war. Grenns are considered they best warriors of the realm and have mastered the art of war. Without their aid mankind would have been exterminated during the Era of Re-Birth.

Today they remain, as always, hundreds of nomadic tribes living in the harsh northern steppes of Vailyus. They have no real government; the war chiefs call all the shots. Grenns are rarely found away from their homeland and when they are they are normally given the utmost respect.