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Race: Human Class: Fighter
Age: 24 Level:
Height: 6' 2" Deity:
Weight: 196 lbs Titles:
Build: Marital Status: Unmarried
Skin Tone: Eyes: Black
Hair Color: Black Hair Length:
Standard Attire: Favored Weapons: Katana
Facial Features: Distinguishing Features: A vertical scar on his chest reaches down his abdomen, unnoticable unless he is shirtless.


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Unlike most of his people Kojiro is one of the few on the larger side. Standing at 6'2" he would seem like a gaint to most of the people of Aisho who range from 5'2"-5'10". Despite his height he is far from lanky as he is plainly very muscular and defined. Most notably would be his upperbody that seem to define most of his person.


Kojiro was born into a lesser noble family of samurai to his father Fijo (Fee-Jo), and mother Akanui Hotarubi. His only sibling being his younger sister Mikomono. He lived in one of the larger cities to the east called Mino. His childhood consisted of the usual samurai education though unlike growing up with a protected and normal childhood he lost his father at the age of 8 in one of the local fief skirmishes forcing him to become the man of the household. His sensei, Renji Kobutasa, took him in giving him a job of maintaning the dojo. Kojiro became very close to his sensei seeing him more as a father figure than a mentor. At his coming of age of 13 his sensei took the place of his father bestowing him his diasho, formally making him a samurai. During his teenage years he took care of his mother and raised his sister always trying to protect her from the cruel reality of life. He participated in duels and the local bandit raids. He went into his first fief skirmish at the age of 17 where he witnessed his first oni (demon) battle where some oni had intercepted the two opposing forces to feast on the fallen warriors. During this battle is when he recieved the large scar on his chest which lead to him being on bed rest for nearly two months. Because of his valor in that battle he was promoted to castle guard and palced under the command of Yagyū Munenori. Now during his early adult years Kojiro has been assigned a mission directly from the daimyo because of his superior swordsmanship to travel over seas to a foriegn land to escort the estemed diplomat Isuryo Yamamoto along with the ninja, Field Crow.



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