Race: Feytouched Elf (1/4 Nymph 3/4 Silver Elf) Class: Bard / Fighter
Age: 213 Level: 20 (16 Bard / 4 Fighter)
Height: 5' 4" (166cm) Deity: Worships Several Deities, namely Nymowna and Deayagus
Weight: 110 lbs. (50kg) Unarmored. Titles: Unknown
Build: Slim with a tight and defined muscular body Marital Status: Married to Roia Nesaera
Skin Tone: Pale Eyes: Vibrant Blue w/ Gold Flecks
Hair Color: Vibrant Red Hair Length: When untied from it's usual ponytail, it reaches to his shoulder blades.
Standard Attire: Usually seen in bright purples, blues and blacks. Along with his far too tight leather pants. Favored Weapons: Longswords and occasionally bows or greatswords.
Facial Features: Extremely effeminate facial structure; sharp eyebrows, thin but full lips, small nose, delicate eyelashes with soft almond shaped eyes. (Exactly like his ingame portrait) Distinguishing Features: Has a fairly severe burn covering his left hand palm. Two tattoos of entwined roses on the back of each of his calves



In-Game Portrait

Miles looks after his appearance carefully, from his finely kempt hair to his sharp eyebrows and perfect skin; his effeminate traits take him deep into the realm of beautiful rather than handsome. The only markings on his skin are two exquisite tattoos on each of his calves showing two dark purple roses, entwined into each other.

The clothing, jewelry and armor he wears are always of the finest craft and materials, even if questionable in colour and practicality. The feathered hat he is often seen wearing sports a glistening golden feather from a wing of the Golden Avariel Sarah Kellei, which he cherishes dearly. He has a light carmine pink ribbon braided into his hair at the back.

An expert swordsman, he carries an enchanted long sword at his side at all times. His fighting style is that of grace and elegance, his only fault being his cockiness in combat.

A master of several instruments, Miles is rarely ever seen without his finely crafted lute strung over his back ready to play at a moments notice. His musical skill extends far as he is known to play the Violin, Harp and even Piano on occasion. Though rarely heard singing apart from the quick tunes he uses to bolster and strengthen his friends and companions in times of need, his voice is both pure and strong.


Though he is known to be a jester, fool and overly delicate in nature by most, Miles is incredibly intelligent, using his guile and wit to get his way. A skill he picked up during his travels, allowing him to easily change his personality around people to make many powerful friends and get out of numerous situations he deems too dangerous to use a blade. Miles finds it hard to adhere to the laws and traditions of the places he finds himself in, though doesn’t find himself at odds using them to his advantage if the need arises. Miles has always kept the details regarding his life to himself, even after all the years he has spent in Treegum few even knew his real name until recently....



  • Roia Nesaera; wife. Their children;
    • Bethyana Sarah D'eskevra Nesaera
    • Rhys Vindruill D'eskevra Nesaera
    • Lucien Fren D'eskevra Nesaera
  • Elriel Kethonna; former lover, fiancée. Their son;
    • Milithraluldur Elias Nesaera


  • Actually managed to get married.
  • Wish I could remember them all!


  • The Rose Theatre: Deputy Manager
  • Treegum Docks: Small percentage owner, helps with orders.