~Moon Maiden, Silver Lady~


Symbol: Woman dancing in the Moonlight
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Night, Moon, Dancing
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection
Weapon: Night Dancer (Rapier)

The GoddessEdit

Ra'Ma is her twin brother and daughter to Galatus, God of One and all (former god of the Sun and Moon). O'ma was a carefree Goddess before the death of her father her only cares were dancing under the moonlight and her small following. Since she has taken the mantle of Lady Night she has taken on a much bigger role in the Planes. She deeply cares for her followers and tries not to govern them as much as the other gods. She feels mortals should have to figure somethings out for themselves and she act as the light in which to guide them. She is very passionate about doing whats right, this maybe the reason her churches are involved in battling the forces of evil.

The ChurchEdit

O'ma's churches are all very different because of her willingness to allow her followers to worship in different ways. Her churches range from groves in the forest to large marble buildings in large cities. Her followers like to remain independent (like there Goddess) but will work with the churches of Vastur, Ra'ma and Vadriphose as well as just governments. Most of her churches take it upon themselves to battle evil creatures of the night. Her knights and priests will slay any uncontrolled creature cursed by the false moon (Gaunt) as well as vampires and other evil beings who make the night there home. Also all priests of Skearus are sworn enemies to her church and the two churches often do battle with one another.


Priests and Knights of O'ma pray at the rise the moon (Fae'he or O'ma's Embrace). There prayers consist of mostly dancing and singing naked under the moon (if situation allows it). O'ma's worshipers also pray for protection from Gaunt, the False Moon when it rises. O'ma freely grants her priests healing spells to use as they see fit as long as they do so with good in mind.

In the past O'ma's willingness to allow her followers to worship her as they please (to no extreme) has caused many inner church wars. She has quelled this problem to a degree but this still remains a problem within her church. None is a better example then Lorrick the Zealot who beheaded all "non believers" even those in O'mas own church who did not follow his beliefs to the exact word. O'ma banished him from her church and since then made new laws so this would never again happen within her church.