Population Size:

Lifestyle (e.g. Rural, Industrial, Etc): Thistle Thicket lies in a delicate region between the Ironroot Swamps and Eveningfall Forest, the surroundings are abundant in small forest trails and hidden mysteries. Long ago, the cultivable land and the better grazing was divided into small crofts. To this day crofting is a system which gives each household a stake in the region and its future.

It's a lifestyle based on low-intensity, subsistence farming. The old-style machinery and labour produces hay, silage, oats, kale and turnips, potatoes and a wide range of vegetables. Always progressive and increasingly more efficient in their farming methods. It is vastly and main populated by halflings however a lovely place for wildlife enthusiasts, and those who simply want a measure of peace and quiet.

While living within Thistle Thicket you might find that halflings do not carry money because they don't need it. They trade in services and non-monetary objects, this ranges from prized farm animals to rare finds within their collections. They even freely borrow items from their friends and neighbors as long as it is not being used. They have a very trusting community.