~Lord of Slaughter, Death's Demon~


Symbol: A demon hand dripping in gore
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, Demons, Slaughter
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil
Weapon: Slayer of All (Halberd)
Allies: None
Enemies: All Gods

The GodEdit

Yazard is an ancient evil from another plane. He is a one of a kind demon who found a way to escape the abyss forever. Legend has it he has Titan blood within him and this may explain his not so chaotic nature, like all other demons have. A master at everlasting suffering and misery, Yazard may just be the most vile being in all the planes. Mercy, love and goodness are things he could never understand. Through the centuries he is cause for thousands of wars and countless deaths. Even the other evil gods of the realm despise him, but as a greater god none can stop his evil.

The ChurchEdit

His clerics like him are vile creatures of death and murder. They are masters of torture and pain. Its a Yazard Clerics job to murder, for each murder adds to the dark gods power. Blood is the necture they drink and pain is there food. Yazards following is huge and wealthy, even the Lethal Lotus bend there knee to his power. A Yazard cleric must watch for the temptation of Skearus for they will deceive you into believing he should be the lord of murder. They are masters of thousands of foul rituals of death and pain.